Business Blueprints



Business Blueprints

AMSOIL offers you many ways to create

your own successful Dealership. You can

utilize any combination of one, some or

all of these proven Business Blueprints.


 1. Dealer Program

The Dealer Program is for anyone initially interested in his or her own home-based business, or who becomes interested in the business opportunity after experiencing the benefits of AMSOIL products. It is a Dealer’s ultimate goal to get as many recruits/customers to this level as possible, and to train them on how to use the programs to build their own businesses.

2. Preferred Customer Program
The Preferred Customer Program is for the customer purchasing over $100 of product per year. Preferred Customers receive a kit with purchasing instructions and the monthly AMSOIL Magazine so they are kept up-to-date on AMSOIL products. Although Preferred Customers are typically “self service” and order what they need on their own, they still require follow-up by the sponsoring Dealer to answer questions and to keep them using the products.  The program also exposes them to the business opportunity, and this group of customers is the best source of potential AMSOIL Dealers.

3. Commercial Program
The Commercial Program helps Dealers sell to all kinds of businesses that want to use AMSOIL products in their equipment. It’s for the AMSOIL Dealer who has decided to try his or her hand at a more “technical” sale.  It can be as easy as registering a flower shop owner with delivery vans, or as in-depth as registering an over-the-road trucking fleet. It is highly recommended the Dealer receive training beyond the G700 business manual before pursuing this market, attending AMSOIL University or taking the home study courses at a minimum. Working with an experienced Dealer is also a great way to learn.

4. Personal Retail Sales Program
Personal retail customers are typically friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, etc. in the Dealer’s local area. Many Dealers start with this program as a means of “cutting their teeth” in learning to sell AMSOIL products. One person can only handle a limited number of personal retail customers, however. Some Dealers keep an inventory of products for their local retail customers, or simply place orders as necessary to service them.

5. Catalog Program
The Catalog Program is for the customer who wants to purchase AMSOIL products, but does not want a Dealership or to sign up for anything. These customers can request a FREE catalog, in printed or PDF form, direct from your website. AMSOIL mails or e-mails them a copy to order from on your behalf, all at no cost to you. It’s perfect for all the customers that Dealers acquire who are not located close to them and/or are willing to self-service themselves. Any Catalog Customer that places an order will receive the next two catalogs direct from AMSOIL on your behalf, again at no cost to you.

6. Retail-on-the-Shelf Program – Stores / Quick Lubes
The Retail-on-the-Shelf Program helps Dealers make AMSOIL products available through local retail outlets and service centers, who service customers purchasing small quantities of AMSOIL products, under $100 per year or who don’t want to order direct, pay freight or have products delivered to their homes. This program makes AMSOIL products available to those customers who do not want to participate in one of the other programs, or who want AMSOIL products installed for them. Accounts that carry AMSOIL products increase AMSOIL brand name awareness and provide the initial education of customers who may eventually move into one of the other programs for lower prices, access to the full line, the business opportunity, etc.   Contact Us