HPInjuns.com Injunuity Applied 

High Performance Injuns "TOP Injuns" are ideal if you want to be at the TOP of your class!

Every component in your Injun has a tolerance. That + or - number that sets up the clearances in the bearings, the piston to wall, etc.

The problem is that a connecting rod big end may be at the high side of the tolerance and the crankshaft may be at the low side. Both are in tolerance but when combined, you have way too much clearance and your bearing longevity and performance will suffer because of it. 

This same procedure is true for every component in the Injun from piston to wall clearance to valve spring pressure to ring end gaps. 

There's a tolerance, and then there's an Optimized Tolerance, the one that delivers maximum performance and long Injun life.

That's why we don't just "Blueprint" our Injuns, we utilize "Tolerance Optimized Performance" to match every component for the best possible outcome increasing Performance and Longevity.

It's the only way we build an Injun and every HPI build gets the same treatment from a stock rebuild to a class winning race Injun.